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JPC Transit House project

Maya Tripti


Renovation work at various of JPC Transit House, “Sukrit & Sukriti” Building and offices flats at “Neelanjan” building, Kolkata.

When you are renovating an apartment, harmony is a crucial consideration. Try to ensure that any space is well balanced, with tables, chairs, and couches arranged in symmetrical patterns. Avoid having one wall painted or papered in a darker tone with light colors elsewhere. Make the most of any natural light that the apartment enjoys as well. Elegant curtains can provide a beautiful addition to the appearance of the room and allow light to flood into reading areas, making the apartment a great place to unwind. Don’t go overboard on design features as well. Sometimes less is definitely more, so include some negative space—areas that are intentionally left free of decoration.It’s our privilege to accomplish the said work for Joint Plant Committee (JPC), is the only institution in the country, which is officially empowered by the Ministry of Steel / Government of India to collect data on the Indian iron and steel industry, resulting in the creation and maintenance of the only basic, complete and non-partisan databank on this industry. Furnishing a home can be a stressful process. We all want our homes to look impressive, with beautiful interiors. At the same time, every room needs to be functional—allowing all of the occupants to enjoy the space as much as possible—and they also need to reflect our own unique passions and design ideas.


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