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Maya Tripti

All Fabrication Works

We offers many strategies of cutting in variable degrees of accuracy to fulfill each your wants and your budget. optical device and waterjet machines area unit equipped with nesting software package to maximise material usage and cut back price

Interior Services

Interior coming up with of one’s house is a quite simply fitting some article of furniture across many rooms painted in colours of your selection. the inside style and setup of your house is a big side of however you wish to steer your life. each in. of wherever you reside should exude the quality of your and your families’ character.

Civil Services

Civil engineering services could be a large domain covering coming up with, planning and construction of infrastructure like industrial and residential buildings; transportation infrastructure as well as roads, bridges, railways; water distribution systems like dams, canals, sanitation; environmental infrastructure

Upvc window fabrication

Maya tripti brings to you a range of gorgeous looking upvc home window designs that will transform your home and protect you from the world outside by insulating against noise, dust, rain, pollution and rising energy costs. Our innovative window solutions span across designs ranging from sliders to casements bays tilt-and-turns villa until combination windows. You can select any of these designs and customize them according to the interiors of your home. Come, explore our world of upvc windows, install them in your home and feel the difference.

Upvc window fabrication

Upvc door fabrications.

Whether you are looking for high quality balcony door or an internal door, our huge collection of exquisite upvc door designs are sure to fascinate you and alter your house’s artistry. With solutions ranging from traditional sliding and casement designs to modern and trendy bi-fold, lift-and-slide, internal and designer door design options, you will always be spoilt for choice. Choose from our assortment of colors, door styles, handles, glass options.

Solid panel designer, molded, engrave, crafted doors.

Every home needs long lasting and elegant interior solutions. Traditional materials tend to fade, get stained and get damaged by the elements. That is where our doors and sections make a difference. They are easy to maintain, durable and damage resistant. They come in a variety of designs and colours so that there is plenty of choice for a beautiful home, without having to compromise on quality.

Wall paneling work

Pvc sheets are one of the most popular plastic kinds that are used in the construction and engineering industry and have high hardness and mechanical properties that enhances with the increasing molecular weight but decreases with the rising temperature. Our pvc boards possesses such physical properties that provide designers with an array of options while designing new products and developing solutions as it also acts as a replacement or refurbishment material. It is an upward trend for pvc foam board suppliers in india as the customers using plywood boards are now switching preference. On the contrary, pvc boards are lighter, less operative-expensive and offer many performance advantages. Pvc panels are easy to install, water-proof, maintenance-free and are available in various textures, patter and design.

False ceiling work

We offer industrial false ceiling service as per your drawings/specifications, for a host of components , equipment’s and machines used in various industries as per the drawings provided by the clients. We have done fabrication works for a large number of clients across the industries over the years.

Structural glazing

Curtain walls & structural glazing, bolted structural glazing, doors and partitions, stairs and walkways, fire knockout windows, fire place screens, floors, furniture, kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, parapet, railings, balustrade, shower installations, sky lights, sloped glazing, solar panels and windows are some areas of application that our glasses and glazing serve. we are offering an in – exhaustive array of glasses and glazings that are of high quality, low cost and meet diverse applications. Apart from the standard array.